Some Of Our Common Questions
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I live in Scotland. Are there any grants available to help with the cost of installing an electric vehicle charge point at my house?
Yes. Presently, there are two grant streams available. One from the UK Government under the Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) and one from the Scottish Government, under Home Energy Scotland (HES) and managed by the Energy Savings Trust (EST).

The UK Government, Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS), provides a grant of up to 75% contribution towards the cost of an installation - capped at £350 maximum (including VAT) per installation for up to two charge points at your home, providing you have two qualifying vehicles.

The Scottish Government, Home Energy Scotland funding is managed by the Energy Saving Trust and provides up to £300 further funding on top of this, with an additional £100 available for those in the most remote parts of Scotland (please refer to the links for further information).

The initial £350 covered by OLEV will be paid to us directly and any funding claimed from the Energy Savings Trust is claimed by you following the installation and paid directly to you. Any remaining costs will be paid by you to us.

Please note: if applying for the Energy Savings Trust grant, the installation cannot take place until you have received confirmation that you qualify.

Home Energy Scotland Funding

UK Gov Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme

Is there a grant for installing a charge point at my work
Yes. Under the UK Government Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS) there is a grant set at £350 (including VAT) per socket. It is a voucher based scheme and companies can apply for up to 40 charge points per company. For more information click on the link below.

UK Gov Workplace Charging Scheme
Should I have my electrics checked before I order an electric vehicle?
We would always recommend arranging a site survey at the earliest opportunity, whether it is prior to, or after placing an order for a vehicle as some electrical systems require upgrading.

We work closely with District Network Operators (DNO’s) who own the cable supply and fuse to your house or workplace and we can arrange for any upgrades to be carried out. In all but exceptional cases this work is carried out free of charge.
How long do I have to wait to get a charge point installed at my house once I’ve ordered my car?
We would recommend you contact us at the earliest opportunity to discuss your needs. Preferably, this would be at the time of placing the order for your car, or before. In certain circumstances your house electrics may not be up to the job of adding the extra load that your electric or hybrid car will demand and this could lead to a delay whilst you await an upgrade.
I live in a semi-detached house and I’ve been told I have a shared electrical supply with next door?
Ok, not all semi-detached or terraced houses have shared - or ‘looped’ supplies. However, if this is the case, then you cannot have an electric vehicle charge point installed until the supply to the properties is ‘unlooped’. This is something we would discover through a site visit, hence the importance of such visits.
Should I buy a fully electric vehicle or a hybrid?
We are often asked for recommendations, however, each person’s lifestyle differs and it very much depends on what you will be using the vehicle for? We would recommend you do as much research as possible using the variety of mediums available - there are some great reviews you can see on the Youtube Fully Charged Show page or
How much will an installation cost?
The cost very much depends on what outlet you require and where you require it located ,some installations are more involved due to the location of the customers main distribution. For example, some new build houses have the main board almost in the middle of the ground floor with concrete floors and no access to run a cable easily. Another example the cable length may only have to go through the wall on a length of only 2 meters. We will always visit the site to advise and will always ensure the most cost effective and best option for the customer. Charge outlets costs vary from unit to unit costing from as little as £299.
What’s involved in an installation?
The first action is for the EV guys to visit the site and ascertain your current electrical loading and potential for expansion if required. After a discussion with the customer to ascertain where they want to charge the vehicle etc you will receive a written quote detailing the work to be carried out and the cost.
Will you need to dig up my driveway?
Excavation would be a last resort and is generally not required for home installations but is common practice in commercial applications.
Can I have the socket in my garage as I have power inside?
A site survey would confirm that the supply to your garage is suitable, most garages have a limited supply usually only for lighting and one or two sockets.
I’ve been told by an electrician that I have no spare ways in my consumer unit does this mean I cannot have one fitted?
No not at all it would probably just mean the installation of a small distribution board in addition to your current homes consumer unit, as always the site survey and quote would determine this.
How will the extra load from my vehicle charging affect the house?
The use of active load management is utilized, to explain, the outlet monitors the power that your home is currently using and the vehicle will only utlise the available power at that time, for instance between 4 and 8pm are recognized as higher loading to the national grid due to peoples habits, cooking dinner showering etc. When more power is available the charge rate can then be increased all automatically.